Kit BK24: Hamburg Z2B trailer tram

Blue ball Brief History of Hamburg Z2B Beiwagen (Trailer Car) built by Falkenried

In 1924 Falkenried developed and introduced a new type of trailer car which was designated Z2b.

Between 1924 and 1927 a total of 460 cars were built by different manufacturers all of similar construction. Fleet numbers were 733-1192.

The prototype of this kit was built by HAWA Hannover and WmB in 1925. Altogether 75 cars were built and numbered 903-977. Of this batch, 49 remained in service until after 1945.

In 1946 the colour was changed from cream to cream and red. By 1950 all cars had received the new livery.

In 1947 the fleet numbers were changed to 714-1035, the HAWA/WmB cars being numbered 831-874 and 1033-1035.

During 1957/1959, 168 cars were rebuilt with track brakes and signalling. Only 2 of the HAWA/WmB cars were rebuilt, their numbers being 1698 and 1699.

In March 1965 all cars were scrapped except car number 1786 which was originally built in 1926 and numbered 1079, and later 1020. This car is now in a steam shed near Hamburg awaiting transportation to a Transport Museum in Northern Germany.

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