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How to buy BEC-KITS products

Sales outlets Paris L Class

Ordering direct from BEC-KITS

If there is no sales outlet near you, tram kits and other products may be ordered direct from BEC-KITS by contacting us by email, letter or phone. Delivery of some products may take some time from receipt of the order, depending on which kits and parts are in stock at the time. You can check recent stock status on this web site.

Pricing and postage

Payment methods

  1. A bank card payment in GBP pounds sterling can be made using the PayPal web payment system. This is probably the cheapest payment method for you. Contact us by email with your order and address details. Please do not send us any details from your bank card.

    When the goods are ready for delivery, we will send you an email with the PayPal payment details. Then you can use your bank card to make the payment through the PayPal web site. Your bank card company should convert the GBP pounds sterling payment through PayPal into your local currency on your bank card statement.

  2. An electronic funds transfer in GBP pounds sterling from your bank to our UK bank account. We can send our IBAN and BIC bank details to you for this type of transaction but your bank may charge you for the transfer. Our bank cannot accept an electronic payment in Euros.
  3. A cheque drawn on a UK bank in GBP pounds sterling made out to Brian Robinson, but this may be expensive for you to obtain from your overseas bank.

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