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HO/OO Gauge Motorised Tramcar Trucks

Motorised Tramcar Trucks

BEC-KITS has transferred the ranges of motorised tramcar trucks and bogies, British tramcar parts and road vehicle kits to KW Trams. Details of these product ranges are shown on the KW Trams web site.

A limited range of the trucks and bogies from KW Trams are available to motorise the BEC continental model tramcar kits and the Tower Trams British tramcar kits.

Truck features

Four-wheel trucks

These mechanisms represent the rigid tramcar trucks fitted to normal 4 wheel/2 axle trams. Click here for the standard range of four-wheel trucks.

Bogie trucks

These mechanisms represent the swivelling, short bogie trucks fitted to bogie trams with 8 wheels and 4 axles and to older articulated trams. Click here for the standard range of bogie trucks.

Recommended trucks for various tram models

The KW Trams mechanisms are often used to motorise model trams from several other model tram manufacturers, including ready built diecast trams and tram kits. Some recommendations for particular models are shown at truck recommendations.

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