Kit BKHAU: Hamburg Hochbahn A-Wagen

Hamburg Hochbahn A-wagen

Blue ball Brief History of Hamburg Hochbahn A-Wagen Number 220

The Hamburg Hochbahn is an elevated urban railway system on standard gauge track with 750 V power supply. The first cars came into service in 1912 and there were 13 in the first series delivered (1. - 13. Lieferung)

This particular car number 220 has been preserved and was part of the similar 6th series (6. Lieferung) of cars with numbers 201-220 built in 1920/21. Originally they were called T-Wagen (Triebwagen) but later were renamed A-Wagen. These cars usually ran in two car sets.

Originally they were painted in dark green and yellow, but later they were repainted in the red and cream livery also worn by the tramcars in Hamburg.

Many that were damaged during the Second World War were rebuilt into the B-Wagen cars after the Second World War, which later became known as TU1-Wagen cars from 1958.

Drawing A-wagen

Hochbahn A-Wagen 220 from Wikipedia

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